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Orangator is a fantastic piece of software, and it's free! The hardware equivalent would cost a fortune. Among its many features are:

The Demo MP3 of Orangator sounds plays the following presets, one after the other. They are all sampled at C3 in mono at 44.1 kHz, trimmed, normalised to -0.9 dB. A few of them are peak limited:

You can download the Orangator presets and MP3 demo by clicking HERE. Some of the presets are minor variations and tweaks of others.

Tim's Orangator Tips

  1. Make sure that your Orangator presets are NOT set to read only. If they are you will get an error message and they will not load into the program.

  2. Turn off the Auto render feature. Otherwise the program will calculate the waveform every time a control is changed. With a complex sound this can take up a lot of time.

  3. Orangator is sometimes prone to crashes (on some systems more than others). Save often to avoid disappointment. Despite the crashes this program is really good.

  4. Careful, there are no warnings to save when you quit the program. Make sure your work is saved before doing so.

  5. If you haven't done so yet, get a copy of Orangator before someone realises this program's potential, adds a few bells and whistles, and releases it as a commercial product.

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