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Granulab provides some amazing convolutions of sounds using granular synthesis. Although I've used it mostly with drum sounds there are many other things you can do with this program. The MP3 included in this zip uses patch 11 on TIMS 1.gpb to add a mute effect to a trumpet loop. The lick is played once in its raw state (unmuted) and once through Granulab with no other processing except normalising. Pretty convincing, eh?

Here are three sets of patches for Granulab. Unzip and place them in the ...\Granulab\Patches folder.

If you want any of these (or any other bank of patches) to load up automatically, rename the file to the letter of the Patch bank. That is to say, a file called H.gpb will load into patch bank H automatically when Granulab is run.

Tim's Granulab Tips

  1. Its quite easy for Granulab to lock up with certain settings. To reset Granulab it it locks up while playing, press the <Q> key on your computer.

  2. Pressing the <Esc> key quits the program. No warning, no nothing. It just exits. Be careful!

  3. Mess about with Midi settings to get real time variations.

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