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Balanced Output Loop Samples

4 To the Floor.

This is a two bar mono loop using a combination of Bass drum sounds. Although it is slightly muffled there are large portions of bottom on it.

Kick You Got.

A 4 bar mono loop of a punchy kick sound. No muffled sound here, but there is a low pitched sound added on the 1st beat of each bar.

Cyanide Hats.

1 bar stereo loop of a distorted hi-hat sort of sound. I think it started life as a bongo loop.

Met Perc.

Totally manic triangle...bell...whatever. Anyway, its made of metal and it sure sounds urgent.

VT Hat Loop.

8 bar stereo loop of heavily effected hat/perc sound. The left and right signals seem to move to the middle and cross to the other side, then return again. This effect is totally useless through headphones. It takes 8 bars to go through the panning cycle.

VLtone Clix.

1 bar of stereo taken from the fully expanded multi-output Midi/SCSI equipped Mark 2.004 rev 3.1 version of the Casio VL Tone.

Plop Loop.

1 bar mono loop of something nasty falling into water.

Pulse Dhal.

2 bar mono pitched loop featuring heavy AM, pitched at C (major or minor).

Dancy Accordion.

4 bar stereo loop of synthesised accordion sound in F major (or d minor I suppose). Ideal for Latvian Rave.

16 Snare 1.

4 bar mono loop of 16 snare crescendo with downward phasing effect.

16 Snare 2.

2 bar mono snare 16 crescendo.

16 Snare 3.

4 bar stereo with more complex phasing.

16 Snare 4.

2 bar mono with extreme crescendo and 32s.

Wuz Drums.

4 bar stereo percussion loop featuring rhythmic pulse. Actually I don't think it ever wuz drums.

Goa Tit.

1 bar mono. This may have started life as an Orangator sound before being subjected to Granulab and other forms of abuse. Its one for all the Debussy fans.

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