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Emu Proteus 1

There are two sets of sounds for the Proteus 1 at this site. One set ( is sounds from various sources that I use for live work and sysex files of my own original sounds.

The other set ( is other Proteus 1 sound banks that I've found freely available on the net. Some of them are written for the expanded version. They are supplied unsorted and "as is".

My sounds and Mixer Maps are written for the Proteus 1 without expansion. You should find that these Mixer Maps work with the Proteus 2 and 3, although I make no promises. Please read the Cubase Mixer Map info page which is HERE.

PROTEUS EDITOR.mix is an editor for the Proteus1. Almost all parameters are included, although I have omitted the link commands... you'll just have to do them by hand. Don't forget to set your device number on the Proteus to 0. Or you can change the device number on just about all of the buttons, sliders etc. on the mixer to your instrument's device number. I know which I'd rather do!

You will notice that the tuning and pan controls are a bit of a fudge. As the Cubase Mixer page is limited in what you can do (only one variable, for instance), I have had to use two sliders each for for the coarse tunings (0+ and 0-), fine tunings (0+ and 0-), and pans (center to right [+7] and nearly center [-1] to left [-7]). I think it's better than nothing; you may not agree.

PROTEUS PERF.mix is a midi mixer for the Proteus 1. Most of the messages sent are controller, although there is some sysex. Again, don't forget to set your device number on the Proteus to 0 or change all of the controls on the mixer map!

In addition to the sort of controls you'd expect to see on a midi mixer (like the Cubase default mixer), it includes Proteus-specific controls such as pan to P (with master), channel enable/disable (with master), program change enable/disable, and output select controls. I have also included a "Get user" switch. If you put this command at the beginning or end of a song you can save your sounds... well I find it useful (sometimes).

Please tell me of any errors you find or improvements you make. These mixers should work (to a certain extent) for other Proteus modules (the XR, Plus, 2, & 3). At any rate they can form the basis for other mixers.

If you do adapt them, please send me a copy!!!!

Finally I take no responsibility and accept no liability... blah blah blah blah blah... atomise your CPU.

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