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Balanced Output Single Samples

Ora Organ.

This is an mono organ sound created with Orangator. There are 7 samples, from C0 to C6. The MP3 download plays the sounds one after the other. The Wav version is a zip file containing the individual samples. The reason for this is that they each have sustain loop points. And yes, the C5 and C6 samples are resampled C4. This isn;t just laziness, the synth patch started to break up seriously.

Biggun Toms.

5 mono tom sounds contained in 1 sample. These sounds are vaguely reminiscent of the Cannon Tom set on the Alesis D4.

China Cymbal.

Stereo sample of - yes - a Chinese Cymbal.

China Gong.

Derived from China Cymbal. No, I haven't just resampled it. Stereo.

Brick Thunder.

Synthesised mono kick type sound.

'Ere's A Kick.

Acoustic sounding mono kick.

Shaped Snare.

Stereo snare sample. artificial envelope applied.


High pitched snare drum sampled in mono. This sample could be said to slightly recall the timbre of the D4 Rap snare drum sound.

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