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SynC Modular BitZ

This is my favourite Soft Synth. You can design your own mono or polyphonic synths and f/x from the basics, or from a prefabricated library of macros. SynC Modular is a bit similar to Reaktor, except less CPU-intensive. The free evaluation version is fully functional with only a few features disabled. These include the abilities to load in samples, and to use SynC Modular ensembles as VST instruments.

If you haven't done so yet I'd encourage you to try it. I find that it crashes occasionally, usually on exiting the program. It is seldom fatal - reboot ASAP though. Thoroughly Recommended.

SynC Modular SuperOrgan

This instrument is based on the 9 Bar Organ that comes with the program. I have borrowed from other synths and library macros shamelessly.

This instrument can produce an enormous range of organ sounds, together with delay effects, compression and distortion. The faster the CPU, the better the performance.

I am still working on a midi modulation matrix for this instrument. Therefore there may be some items in the structure that don't seem to make sense, notably the various midi controllers in the top layer of the structure.

Go HERE to get it.

SynC Modular Skins

There are three skins here, MY LITTLE ORGAN (very girly), ARMY SURPLUS & PURPLE PEOPLE EATER. To add them to your SynC Modular skins don't do the following unless you're sure of what you're doing:
  1. Find the file "Shiny Knobs.ini" in the Skins\Shiny Knobs folder.

  2. Make a copy of it as a safety backup.

  3. Open the file "Shiny Knobs.ini" in the ...\Skins\Shiny Knobs folder with a text editor.

  4. Leaving one blank line, paste the following text at the END of the file: [User:MY LITTLE ORGAN] Background=RGB(255,200,228) Text=RGB(0,0,157) Etch=RGB(72,0,79) Selection=RGB(152,225,255) Frame Hi=RGB(204,141,226) Frame Lo=RGB(0,199,245) Handle Hi=RGB(221,173,223) Handle Lo=RGB(226,0,144) Sel. Handle Hi=RGB(239,0,220) Sel. Handle Lo=RGB(154,87,199) LED On=RGB(133,255,0) LED Off=RGB(96,0,88) Shadow=RGB(103,0,96) Fader Gr. Lo=RGB(117,61,247) Fader Gr. Hi=RGB(200,200,200) Indicator Fg=RGB(236,255,255) Indicator Bk=RGB(88,64,143) Ind. Frame Hi=RGB(255,217,255) Ind. Frame Lo=RGB(120,0,120) [User:ARMY SURPLUS] Background=RGB(83,103,59) Text=RGB(255,255,225) Etch=RGB(192,210,180) Selection=RGB(0,146,255) Frame Hi=RGB(189,205,178) Frame Lo=RGB(71,125,109) Handle Hi=RGB(72,109,55) Handle Lo=RGB(30,67,38) Sel. Handle Hi=RGB(167,210,165) Sel. Handle Lo=RGB(82,125,99) LED On=RGB(255,255,255) LED Off=RGB(0,0,0) Shadow=RGB(82,93,29) Fader Gr. Lo=RGB(48,77,43) Fader Gr. Hi=RGB(110,127,110) Indicator Fg=RGB(245,255,225) Indicator Bk=RGB(43,67,8) Ind. Frame Hi=RGB(93,93,93) Ind. Frame Lo=RGB(61,98,56) [User:PURPLE PEOPLE EATER] Background=RGB(153,91,136) Text=RGB(194,255,207) Etch=RGB(72,0,79) Selection=RGB(152,225,255) Frame Hi=RGB(204,141,226) Frame Lo=RGB(99,47,88) Handle Hi=RGB(221,173,223) Handle Lo=RGB(109,0,112) Sel. Handle Hi=RGB(184,103,186) Sel. Handle Lo=RGB(82,35,98) LED On=RGB(255,213,255) LED Off=RGB(96,0,88) Shadow=RGB(103,77,96) Fader Gr. Lo=RGB(88,18,48) Fader Gr. Hi=RGB(154,132,162) Indicator Fg=RGB(128,255,18) Indicator Bk=RGB(88,0,93) Ind. Frame Hi=RGB(255,217,255) Ind. Frame Lo=RGB(120,0,120)
  5. Save the file in the ...\Skins\Shiny Knobs folder.

  6. When you're sure that the new file works you can delete the backup copy of "Shiny Knobs.ini".

You can download a zipped text file (1 kb) of the above instructions by clicking -




or even...

... HERE.

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