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Roland VS880 Cubase Mixer Maps

This series of mixer maps will control setup, routing, and virtually all mixing functions from your Cubase sequencer. There are far too many controls to be able to fit them all on to one page, so I have divided them into groups by mixer mode and function. Mode A is INPUT->TRACK mode. Mode B is INPUT mode. Mode C is TRACK mode. The function grouping is fairly self-explanatory. EQAux and F/X routing, Volume, pan and input/track routing, and Set-up, which controls functions such as sync, display, footswitch mode, etc.


I wrote these maps on and for the Atari ST equipped with Midex and assigned them all to Midex 3. You may have to edit them accordingly. Users of platforms other than the Atari may also choose to edit the layout to suit the resolution of their display. I have used the default device number 17 for these maps. Rather than change these by editing, it would perhaps be better to set your VS880 device number to 17. The same applies to the Midi Channel number on the mixer map.

I have used sys-ex commands for these mixer pages rather than continuous controller messages. So far I have not been able to get the mute buttons to work. Hopefully someone may read this and provide me with a solution. Roland VS880 sysex uses a checksum. After much messing about I discovered that it isn't necessary to work them out; Atari Cubase seems to replace the (hex)7D I wrote in with the correct number. I believe that PC Cubase has a facility to do the same. I wonder whether my laziness in this department is the cause of the muting switch problem...


The Mixer Map object limit of 127 means that only some of the controls are available on one page. Depending on your version of Cubase you can do one or more of the following:

If you use these maps for non realtime control don't forget to set the Cubase mixer page to local.

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